Linguistics Team International

Linguistics Team International

Linguistic Team’s Global Progress & Support Forum - The official all-volunteer ‘Translation House’ of TVP & TZM

Personally have benefits from the volunteer work done in & now positioning to “threading” forums together in hopes to spur systematic activism

Estimated timeline in terms of time boxed deliverables: forever
Resources needed or already arranged: Please sign up and gift your most valuable resource (time) if you intend to make topics as follows

  1. I want to translate video content

Time to time, this thread will grow in posts to indicate the activities taking place over in in measurement of it’s heartbeat. Please join if this is your calling! Freely private message me if you have any doubts!

Hi @sabtu! I like your energy :slight_smile:

But a few comments though. A project by definition should have an end goal so you can work towards that. I’m also not sure what the project is. Is it translating in general? In cooperation with the TVP/TZM linguistic team? It’s best to then create topics in Projects with the goal defined. For example, add Dutch subtitles to the Culture in Decline series. That has a specific goal and you can plan and work on that together. But this project you describe here is too generic. Or are you aiming to get an overview of the translation projects? In that case you can use the linguistic-team tag. People with the right trust-level can add that tag to topics. People can also assign these things to themselves to get an overview of in progress projects.

So in summary, the question boils down to; what is exactly your goal here? As listed above, there are already some solutions.

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