Lisi Krall: "Agriculture, Surplus, and the Economic Superorganism”

On this episode, ‘Superorganisms’ converge as Nate is joined by economist and anthropologist Lisi Krall to discuss the evolutionary origins of our current systemic predicament. Starting with the Agricultural Revolution, the evolutionary conditions of surplus and ultrasociality have combined to shape the way humans interact with their environment, ultimately leading to our current out of control global economy. Is this global system an inevitable emergent phenomenon of the human condition? Does surplus inherently breed inequality and hierarchy, such as the current capitalist system? What type of social evolution will we experience as we meet the limits of an expansionary system and move towards a Great Simplification?

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Nice conclusion, we need a soft collapse, where we bend and not break due to environmental, social and resource issues. In other words a resource based economy would be a nice ‘soft collapse’. Where collapse basically means that our way of life will change, to become more sustainable. It’s not a real collapse.