Live Critique, Analysis, & Discussion of TZM, TVP, and RBE

Hello fellow progressive minded folks. This sunday at noon, I’ll be hosting a livestream where I provide some constructive criticisms & raise concerns about the RBE and post-scarcity movement in general from a marxist perspective. If you care about expanding your understanding about political-economic thought and broadening your horizons, I encourage you to join me sunday at noon because I have some commentary coming that I think you guys would benefit from hearing and engaging with.


Welcome to the forum! As a sneak preview, what kind of critique do you have about an RBE? It’s not perfect for sure, but having an economy based on what you actually have and arrange it to take care of people and planet is better than this utopian infinite growth with a focus on short term gains and no regard for the long term, which we have in different *ism flavors (communism, capitalism, socialism, etc.)

The video is gone. Can you fix the link or something. I’m curious about your critique.

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It’s a scheduled live stream which will go live in about 8 hours :slight_smile: Stay tuned.

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Hi, @Totallynotashill. The video is a bit long for me to watch (time limitations). I’m mostly interested in what you think we’re doing wrong and how we could improve. Could you maybe write a brief summary about that? I think your feedback could be valuable. Thanks.