Made a program that calculates how old is infinite growth capitalism


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Maybe include a counter as well for all the (financial) crashes and sudden reboots. And maybe some resource stats, that the planet is “out of memory” :nerd_face: And memory leak (inflation) warnings.

According to the updated program, there have been 26 crashes and sudden reboots and we currently use 1.8 earths.

Here is the algorithm behind the calculations:

var date = new Date();
var currentYear = date.getFullYear();
var theFirstIndustrialRevolution = 1760;
var crashRateinYears = 10;
var baseOvershootYear = 1971;
var numberOfYearsToDoubleGlobalConsumption = 62;

function knowHowOutdatedIsIGC() {
  var outdatedYears = currentYear - theFirstIndustrialRevolution;
  return outdatedYears;
function knowHowManyCrashesHaveOccured() {
  var crashes = Math.floor((currentYear - theFirstIndustrialRevolution) / crashRateinYears);
  return crashes;
function calculateEarthOvershoot() {
  var earthsUsed = 1 + ((currentYear - baseOvershootYear) / numberOfYearsToDoubleGlobalConsumption);
  return earthsUsed.toFixed(1);

Any suggestions to improve this program or its algorithms?

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Update: added MIT’s 1972 prediction of societal collapse in the “business as usual” scenario:

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Source code:

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