Maia: A resource-management game with an economy closest to a RBE

I played a lot of resource-management games, and yet, nearly all of them are not even close to a Resource-Based Economy.

But, I discovered Maia, a game where you build a base on a dangerous planet with limited resources.

And if there are limited resources, then everything has a price? No.

Money and capitalist systems are obsolete in this game. What it matters are the minerals, construction materials, food, water, electricity, you name it.

The development limit is tight. Your base can only keep a maximum of 15 colonists.

You do not have direct control over the colonists, and they satisfy their needs by themselves with what facilities you have in your base. However, you can send where to build X equipment.

Another thing: There is no hierarchical classism or competition for resources in this game.

As per the chat in Lounge at 7 September 2023, is the game’s economy really similar to a RBE or is just another *ism?