Metabolic ACT

Activating Circular Transformations: A digital platform for cities

Metabolic ACT is a platform that supports city officials in setting up open innovation challenges and assessing submissions that work towards their circular city goals. The platform’s interactive dashboard shows how ventures, entrepreneurs, and private citizens can potentially contribute towards these goals, as well as their circularity and impact realization potential. It enables cities to identify high-potential solutions and activate their private innovation ecosystems. The platform also allows applicants who are submitting solutions to gain insight into their impact and communicate infrastructure needs to the city.

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Looks like an exact digital digital_feedback system where actions are translated into consequences. Taking into account what you have, how it’s used and taking into account the regeneration/recycling of those resources. RBE here we come :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 17-38-07 Metabolic ACT