Money In The Future? Resource Based Economy

Make as many as we need, not as many as we possibly can!

This was a good video to take in and is well worth sharing with friends and family… Isn’t it about time though that Gene Roddenberry’s creations were realeased into the public domain instead of being milked for every cent/penny. Star Trek indeed has a great message but you have to pay for it to get it (generally)…!

I also made a short article inspired by this saying featured in the video “Make as many as we need, not as many as we possibly can!”.

In a world driven by technology and abundance, the true measure of success lies not in producing as much as possible, but in creating precisely what is necessary. Quality over quantity should be the guiding principle in all endeavors, ensuring that each creation serves a purpose and adds value. By focusing on making exactly what is needed, we can minimize waste, maximize efficiency, and truly excel in our pursuits. Let’s shift our mindset from more to just enough, from excess to essential, and from quantity to quality.