Need to hire speech writer / videographer to help with RBE intiative

Need to hire a speech writer to work with me ASAP for a promo video, draft to be finished in a week if at all possible. It’s (essentially) a recruiting video to bring on founders to an actionable RBE initiative. Must have references within the resource based economy / climate crisis / socialist / degrowth movements. In other words, activists only need apply.

Please email and tell me about your background. Or reach out if you know anyone who would fit this bill. Share this post if you can. This is important. Thank you.


Hi @Jess_Friday, welcome to the forum! :tada: Sounds like an awesome project, maybe someone from the @education-team can help out.

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Do you maybe have some more information about this? Have you also reached out to The Venus Project?

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Info will be distributed via the promo video, it just would be incredibly helpful for me to hire a writer who already knows how RBE works and thus can help simplify the concept for a wider audience (who might know absolutely nothing about how economies work)

Thanks so much for directing me to the education team!

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Sounds really great! Unfortunately I’m too busy at the moment. Maybe @ArjangJameh could help out? I don’t know any qualified person for such a task, other than Peter Joseph.

@Jess_Friday do you have some more info about your previous work?