Networking With Other Activist Groups to create more social awareness

I was Wondering why the leaders of the zeitgeist movement do not seem to promote others like Greta thunberg, or Extinction Rebellion and I am sure there are other countless examples of Other activists out there who may not even be aware of this platform along with the designs that the Venus Project has made?

Surely someone like Greta or Extinction Rebellion would also be happy to promote the workings of Peter Joseph and Jaque Fresco & all the relevant other people?

Dont get me wrong I can see you already have a huge platform and very many followers, However these ideas need to be shared on a household level to reach the co-operation needed to transition from a Capitalist Economy to a Resource based Economy surely?

Indeed the Human race is sleep walking into its own demise, while using all the same rhetoric to slander and keep down the truth speakers.

A movement like this cannot just take it laying down, peaceful protests only go so far? Pirate radio stations need to be conducted, TV channels created all this wonderous information cannot just be left to go stale on the internet settled in amongst so many other failed movements before you…

Hell even create political parties just to raise awareness of the alternative ways of doing things (With real good judgments on infrastructure and investments alone)

Now days in the political sphere it is all talk and No real planning anyway, I can clearly see you all are the best at planning!

Look at Trump, Nigel Farage and Boris, they have no intellect only influence and money.

I am happy to play a part in anything that is not illegal as I am disabled and Live on Benefits (that does not mean that I am stupid though!)

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Also Just a thought for structure and information sharing which might already be implemented or intended to be implemented.

The Chapters of a Local area (eg Oxford) can have 3 representatives to speak to the origin of countries Chapter (eg The UK) and they could also Have 3 representatives in order to communicate with the wider Community?

I am thinking this way information may be shared more proficiently between Local Chapters to Country Chapters to the whole movement in general?

Also just a thought but does this forum have the capability to be made into an App for android or IOS? would be so much more convenient if that is possible?

I can already see there is a discord group that I will join later on if possible?

Sorry if I am making no sense or putting things in the wrong place. I am new and have autism so might need more guidance then a normal person would.


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Hi, thanks for your questions. There is much to unpack, so I’ll do my best to give a quick but concise reply.

TZM is a leaderless movement. So there aren’t really people with more authority that have this role. We’re all advocates of this #train-of-thought. But I do get what you mean, there are high profile people in TZM and what they say and do is getting more attention and has more influence, such as PJ. I’ve heard Peter Joseph talk about Greta and XR a few times in his #podcasts, don’t know the exact episodes, sorry.

I was at a systems change meetup a few months ago where XR and Greenpeace were as well. The rebellious acts they do may have an impact towards change. But I think it’s more important to provide the understanding of why we need change and how to arrive at meaningful change. From what I gather is that the actions are impulsive and based on emotions. There isn’t really a plan besides “just stop oil”. Which is a shame, because to really change something, you have to make the old way of thinking obsolete.

Here is some more info about that day.

10 years ago this was also suggested by PJ in his blogtalk radio, to call in on other radio shows and things like that. Times have somewhat changed. Podcasts, Shorts (TikTok/YT/Instagram) and longer more detailed videos on e.g. YT would be more of our focus today. We have plenty of examples in #podcasts, #lectures, #interviews, and #train-of-thought:videos. I’ll start my own YT show as soon as I’ve finalized some technical things.

If you feel like politics is the way forward, then by all means, explore that possibility. It may be a little ambitious as a first project/goal. Even smaller scale projects can be a challenge with the amount of active people we have. There are some examples in #activism:projects.

I’m not really sure what you mean here. But yes, it’s best to focus as local as possible, as long as there are people in that scope. If you have a few people in your own town, then it makes more sense to work with them then with people at the other side of the planet. Local activism is the most effective. But of course, through the Internet we can all work together. There is no rule against it. And if there are only a few people active in your country, then it makes sense to work on a national or international scope. But these chapters can overlap of course. It’s just a means to find each other and organize. Communication is key of course. That’s also why I created this forum and chapters map so we don’t become (more) fragmented.

Yes you can! :nerd_face: We have quick start guides which includes the app.

Yes you can, there is no paywall or subscription needed to join it. On the forum we have chat as well, but it’s only enabled when people have reached trust level 1 and higher. Which you can get by being active for about 15 minutes on the forum. This is to make sure people don’t get overwhelmed by the features, but also because chat is harder to moderate.

No worries, the mods can easily move and edit your topic. Feel free to make mistakes, it won’t be a burden at all :slight_smile:

Again, welcome to the forum! :tada: