New Fairphone 4

In case you don’t know. The Fairphone is a phone made in nl and has a modular design. This allows easy hardware fixes and upgrades. For example the Fairphone 3 got a camera module upgrade during its lifetime. So no need to buy a new phone just for a new camera. They also promise software support for 5 years. The “fair” in Fairphone also means they use sustainable sources for their products and make sure workers have fair working conditions.

Below is a leak of some unconfirmed pictures. It looks kinda nice. Although I’ve never been a fan of the notch/punch hole design. Especially here, where they also still have a bezel at the top. Kinda defeats the purpose.

Anyway, seems like Fairphone is becoming a more capable phone and improved its looks (it was worse before). Release date is unconfirmed, but it’s suspected to be this year.


Been watching Fairphone for a long time, it’s definitely getting better, I think my next one will be a Fairphone.
Was absolutely devastated when phoneblocks / project ara got canned. At least Fairphone are attempting to fill that space to some extent.

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Same here. Ara looked really nice and also facilitated community build modules. Opening up a path for open-source hardware. I do hope Fairphone will improve on the software aspect. They don’t provide the latest Android versions. The Fairphone 3 had the same camera sensor as the Google Pixel 3a. But instead of improving the camera software, Fairphone offered a camera module upgrade.

Software upgrades are more sustainable than hardware upgrades (unless broken of course). And Android 11 provides better memory management, which is particular of interest for phones with 4GB or less (like Fairphone). But they still are on older versions. Android 12 will be released in a month or so, which again comes with performance and privacy upgrades. But maybe this will change with the FP4.

Welcome to the forum by the way! :tada:

Cheers. :slight_smile: Yeah that’s always been the issue with FP… it’s always so far behind :frowning: Hoping with enough traction and support they can eventually overcome this.


Hope so too! By the way, please consider to leave an introduction in the thread below :slight_smile:

The release might be in 12 days :slight_smile:

Some more pics leaked.

It’s suspected the chipset will be the Qualcomm 750G, which is okayish. It doesn’t have full WiFi-6 support, it’s WiFi-6 ready. It will still work fine, probably. But it’s a bit mehhh.

There are also rumors of wireless earbuds to be released on the same day, from Fairphone. So that means probably modular earbuds, where you can swap out e.g. the batteries when they wear out.

Modularity is awesome!

A list of retailers to buy the Fairphone 4:

Camera quality of the phone:

Last video to promote this great project :slight_smile:

I wrote a review in Dutch. Of course a translation engine can easily fix this to English or other languages.

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I did buy a (polish) hammer 2, construction phone. Waterproof and shocksteady. This i found yesterday: a phone with solar panels; Zonnepaneel voorziet Xiaomi smartphone van volle batterij | LetsGoDigital

Rugged devices for sure help as well, a solar cell looks cool too. But are they also repairable when it does get damaged, broken or when the battery wears out? I personally think that’s most important. The FP4 passed the MIL810G drop test, which is also used for some military equipment. That should cover the needs for most. Unless you work in construction and jobs like that.

i heared you can put ubuntu-touch on a fairphone pretty easely: (it´s a linux system, pretty reliable and safe. just sometimes a bit a hassle, as such is life :smiley: