NYC homeless proof design of subway hot air vents

Hostile architecture, one of the most sadistic uses of the human intellect.

That’s insane. The bench with a coin slot may even be worst, they made a business model out of sitting on public benches.

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Hi Kees I just join and just got the book too I can’t wait to start reading it and sharing ideas. I’ve been an activist and organizer for 10 years, I live in New York and the way this city has given up on the people here, it breaks my heart really to see so much suffering, homeless people and families, and how mental illnesses is at an all time high

Hi and welcome to the forum! Our of curiosity, which book are you referring to? I was in New York a few years ago when it was -20 degrees Celsius. I saw homeless people taping their feet to have some isolation protection against the cold. It was horrible to see. These problems also exist in this side of the pond, although I’ve never seen homeless people resort to these kind of solutions.

In any case, welcome! If you need anything, you know where to find me.

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The Ziegeist Movement is what I was referring to

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