Online face to face meeting to get up to speed with TZM

As discussed in the introduction thread, @iwannahelp22, @ENCH and maybe also @hoppy and others are interested in an online meeting. I’m a bit busy, so I have the following dates I could meet online. Due to time zone differences I think it’s best to meet in the weekends.

In case arranging a date and time proofs to be too difficult, then there are a few alternatives as well. The forum may be used to asynchronously communicate, so no time zone issues. We can just exchange conversation whenever it suits best. An example is this thread:

Another solution is to join the international meetings. These meetings are already arranged regularly. In case you need help with that, you can contact @DerLink.

In any case, here are some suggestions to meet online via the forum.

Please let me know which one of the following would suit you.

  1. 2022-07-10T14:00:00Z2022-07-10T15:00:00Z
  2. 2022-07-17T14:00:00Z2022-07-17T15:00:00Z
  3. 2022-07-24T14:00:00Z2022-07-24T15:00:00Z

We would then use Jitsi, where we can talk via voice and/or video. The meeting room can only be opened by moderators/admins. So if we have settled on a date and time, I’ll make sure it’s available at that time.