Open-source social-media/messenger friend requests

Change is hard. Even the most simple things like switching to a different social-media platform or messenger can be cumbersome. Where basically everyone is waiting for others to take the first step. Which in effect creates a deadlock for actual change. It then just becomes lip service.

Of course, this change won’t change the world. But by supporting open-source networks, which are in control of the community, we safeguard the Internet a bit more. And I think we can all agree that the Internet is the best tool to utilize activism, especially on a global scale.

This thread is basically a friend request thread for open-source social-media/messengers like Mastodon, Matrix and alike. Because an active and interesting user base is what makes a social-media platform or messenger attractive. It’s not just about features.

I’ll start, please follow the @chapter_netherlands Mastodon page:

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I used to use mastodon and it was great. Much better than Facebook and twitter back in the day.

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Latest mock-ups of Mastodon show huge improvements! With more focus on trending elements (links, accounts, tags) and also more community features such as groups! :nerd_face:

My personal Mastodon is below:

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