Open-source software to use


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:information_source: Also have a look at Switching Software, Open Source Alternatives and Prism Break overview of open-source alternatives, which is already pretty complete.


:memo: Text editors

:iphone: Communication

  • Signal the privacy oriented messaging application, open source, cross-platform.


:framed_picture: Image and Graphics Editors

🖵 Screen Recording

:film_strip: Video editors

:musical_score: Music Production

:level_slider: Audio editors

:musical_keyboard: Synthesizers

:diya_lamp: Social Media

  • Mastodon Follow friends and discover new ones (Twitter/Facebook alternative).
  • Lemmy Share interest across communities (Reddit alternative)
  • Pixelfed A free and ethical photo sharing platform (Instagram alternative)

:ear_of_rice: Agriculture

Linux desktop environments

  • GNOME is a free and open-source desktop environment for Unix-like operating systems.