Orientation meeting: "there is an alternative"

Yesterday @chapter_netherlands had an orientation meeting at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. It was about a book called “there is an alternative” which was written by 35 authors. In short, they didn’t really present an alternative. They described small potential stepping stones that could help move us towards something different, but what exactly, that wasn’t formalized. They played it quite safe and didn’t put themselves in a spot of actually presenting an alternative.

But they do seem to get it though! They mentioned things like that we cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet and they also used quotes from Buckminster Fuller. So they are quite Zeitgeist like-minded. But I suppose they haven’t seen the movies and lectures (yet). Or, they may not fully agree with our Train of thought.

As mentioned at other orientation meetings I wrote Reports about, this still makes TZM very relevant! TZM still is quite unique by promoting a resource based economy. Flyers were handed out to the speakers explaining a resource based economy and TZM shirts were worn with the link to our website. It isn’t much, but with this we hope to help change the cultural Zeitgeist by being out in the masses on a local level, aka chapter activism :tada:

Organizing these kind of events are super easy to do, more info in the chapters guide:

Below are some impressions of the evening, all pictures were shot on a Fairphone 5.