Person with average salary can afford just 1 percent of homes in the Netherlands

Those texts write brokers who sell those rooms, probably they make assumptions from their overpriced rooms, as there are plenty affordable rooms in Netherlands.

Do you have experience with this? There is a huge shortage of homes in nl. The housing prices (rent and mortgage) have increased to absurd numbers. I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

yes I do. 1% is misleading number. Yes it is bad and it will be worse because the planet is declining and the poison is trade.

There are many reasons for the housing crisis in The Netherlands, mainly that there is too much demand and no viable space to build new homes in the short term. Also due to environmental policies we can’t build new homes anytime soon. There are simply too many people in this small country at this point. Unless we want to create one large city of this country, which to a certain degree is already the case. From space you can see The Netherlands light up like a Christmas tree. There aren’t many countries that do that.

But at least we can agree it’s bad and really not “plenty affordable rooms” over here. The 1% in the title is indeed partially clickbait, because some less popular places such as Limburg and Groningen are around 6% and 5% respectively. Groningen being a bit frowned upon due to the earth quakes, which makes it a less popular option.

Great. You fixed the clickbait in some useful information for people. You fully understood me. But it does not sort the problem, doesn’t it?
In this trade-based society people just emphasize the problems but no solutions, because they can’t see what is 'The origin of the most problems". People look for attention and drama, not to fix the problem.

One admin question, you seem to have 2 accounts, which one do you prefer? Then I’ll merge them and you’ll just keep one.

You seem to really want the title of this topic to be false. That’s not the case. Please read the article, not just the headline. The housing crisis in nl is real and as dire as described in that article. No statistic is absolute for a whole country. Ask any Dutch person you know with an average salary how many options they have. I have an above average salary, I had to overbid a home by 60K to get one. While the asking price was already high. But with an average salary there is basically no way to get a home. Many people in their 20s and 30s are still living with their parents. This article is not dramatizing it. But the stats are indeed dramatic, but that doesn’t make it fake news.

This forum is in part about problems and solutions in the context of the Zeitgeist train of thought. The tag culture_in_decline is to show how we fail as a society. Showing the problems, shows the urgency to change. Of which we have plenty of topics as well. Maybe read some more topics and become familiar with TZM. I think we already had a discussion before about trade. I see no need to start it again :slight_smile:

I also wrote a blog about this problem, and many others, with a conclusion on how to do things differently. It’s also posted in Reports.

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Change to what? What do you have to offer to nl people? What is the solution?
By the way if you get attention it is the same text as it was written about Ireland 1 year ago.
It is fine not to understand. As it is very easy to see a problem not a solution.
We both agreed that 1% is false, so what I wanted to say is correct. The details you are providing is about trading mess, which is another topic.
Yes I agree to end this conversation on this topic.
Peace. Take care.

When you read your own comments, don’t you think you overdue it a bit? There is a lot of passive aggressiveness in there, about a subject you clearly don’t know anything about. If you did, you wouldn’t refute and sugarcoat it this much.

Discussions are interesting, if they are done in a civil way, please read our guidelines. Please read them and respect them. We want a healthy community here, not one like the ugly comment sections we see on YouTube/Reddit/Facebook.

I wish you were right when you said that supposedly there are a lot of affordable homes here. There are really not. If you think Limburg and Groningen with just 5% and 6% of home availability make a difference in practice and in terms of the crisis, then you’re wrong. Then you don’t know enough about The Netherlands. Read the article, not just the headline. Then you also find that there are cities with even less than 1% of home availability with an average income. the headline is the middle ground to summarize the crisis. I don’t know why you bring up Ireland, you seem to hint that it’s all fake news? As if they used the same news article to make the problem sound worse than it is? It’s the second time you bring something like that up. I have no words for that, this is really not a made up crisis in The Netherlands.

As for change to what and what solutions we propose, please check our introduction page for a general overview.

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Yes you can merge it . I did not say that crisis is false. I just said that the numbers ar false
Thanks for the link I read it many times, but I can’t find the solution which I can use it.
It is fine if you can’t understand me.

Like I said, there are also numbers way below 1% for some cities, so if they wanted to go for full drama, they could. But in general there is only 1% of homes available for average incomes. The title is fine and does respect the situation in nl.

If something is tagged with culture_in_decline then the subject is not about solutions, it’s to show the need for change. Many people believe that things are bad, but not bad enough to push for change.

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yes I agree, I always get in situation when a have been called sick with paranoia, a lot of people from my side say that there is no any crisis in the world, because most of them still can pay their bills. Thanks for your answers, i wanted little bit to wander (to look for new ideas).

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