Peter Joseph will slow down on social media activity

It’s not good news. I understand if he wants to stay more focused in his own endeavors but his posts from time to time really helps to galvanize the TZM/RBE activists.
I don’t have Instagram profile so I won’t be too sad about it. But I do miss him on twitter.

I hope he doesn’t end his podcast and lectures or movies about social change and this Train of thought.
Do you think Peter Joseph is trying to disassociate from #TZM for good?

My guess is as good as yours :nerd_face: I get that social media is a distraction mostly. But it’s a nice way to spread the Train of thought. If he wants to do more with less time he could use an RSS feed and distribute that automatically to the socials. I do that as well, for this forum and the TZM NL blog.

I hope he doesn’t quit. But if he did, I understand. He is and was basically the only person that consistently creates content and a well thought out direction for the movement. That must feel lonely and sometimes not that rewarding to be in that position.