Přímá systémová ekonomická demokracie

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This document essentially describes how an RBE non-computerized decision-making process, used only in special cases that a computer cannot solve, works.

I haven’t read the whole document, I could only skim it just now. But I’m not so sure this is about an RBE. Since it talks about a democratic voting process. In an RBE there will be no votes needed, because the best ideas are based on science and put to the test. And the ‘democratic’ process is then that it’s open-source and anyone can contribute changes, as long as you can also back it scientifically.

  • Step 1: Socio-economic issues are raised.
  • Step 2: Only the competent people create projects. (A competence filter is involved, limiting who can create them)
  • Step 3: The completed projects are sent to the public with technical specifications. (Not everyone can understand the technical specification, so another competence filter, this time limiting who can vote, is involved)
  • Step 4: The people who understand the technical specification vote multiple projects.
  • Step 5: The projects are implemented and vote for the same matter does not happen ever again since the computer can now address the issue.

All projects are required to be backed up by science.

Because computers can solve nearly every issue with high accuracy, it is unlikely that we will use this voting process. However, it aligns with “election of ideas” principle.