Programmable money (digital currency - CDBC)

Within this current system programmable money makes sense. It indeed could stop fraud, the increase in data analyse may make the economy more predictable and manageable, it could also make anti-terror operations easier. However, as mentioned in the videos below, the money may also expire and may also have a predefined destination, such as food. These are red flags. Because for one, ultimate power eventually leads to ultimate corruption. And secondly, this system rewards this corrupt behavior. Checks and balances may help, but if a crisis hits, it for sure will be used to manage society. And crises are no stranger within this unstable economic system and a failing ecosystem.

This is why TZM is not trying to extinguish separate fires across the world, so to speak. We’re not focused on separate issues and e.g. protest against them. We see a structural problem. Within this system governments wants to max out GDP and tax everything. So eliminating fraud and get the most detailed data to do economic analysis makes sense. This system also demands infinite growth, thus it’s no surprise we see environmental issues, since we use up more resources than the planet can regenerate. We also don’t take waste management or recycling seriously enough.

All in all, what we need is to think about a new economic system. One that takes into account the carrying capacity of the earth and the well being of everyone on it. This may sound utopian, but is it really more or less utopian than continuing an infinite growth economy that clearly is on track to destroy the environment we depend on. It for sure isn’t easy either. If it was that easy, we would be doing it already. The first step is to make people familiar with this Train of thought to make these ideas more plausible and the current way of doing less plausible. This is why TZM is an educational movement.