Public Money, Public Code

open-source is part of the transition. If we complain/annoy/protest enough for public money to be spend on public code, we might be able to push the trends towards a situation that’s more ideal for the transition.

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Dear Kees,

For almost five years now we have together demanded that software
developed for the public sector must be released under a Free Software
license. Since the launch of the initiative a lot has happened. The Open
Letter has been signed by over 210 organisations, by six public
administrations, and over 33.000 individuals.

Through your support the “Public Money? Public Code!” initiative has
grown immensely, and with the increasing support we have also created
more and more promotional material in a lot of languages. The newest
addition to this material is the new “SharePic Template” for “Public
Money? Public Code!”. The SharePic, designed by Markus Meier, is now
online at the FSFE’s SharePic generator. It can be used to show your
support of “Public Money? Public Code!” in a fun way on your favourite
social media channel.

You will find the SharePic generator here:

Creating your own SharePic is easy. All you need to do is to choose a
picture of yourself and go to the linked generator. There you can fill
in the information you would like to display as well as your support
message, and preview the result. Start showing your support of “Public
Money? Public Code!” by creating and sharing your own SharePic and most
importantly have fun while doing so.

Please have a look at the new SharePic design for “Public Money? Public
Code!” and post your personal self-made graphic with #PublicCode on your
favourite social media channel:


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freedom. For more information go to

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