Regarding the Forum Footer of TZM Community and a Discourse Platform Notice

The footer of this Forum shall mention that it is powered by Discourse.
That the Discourse is Free and Open.
I’m not affiliated with the Discouse. But I believe that is a good idea.
The link should point to the Discourse Github Repository.

This forum is powered by Discourse, a free and open platform.

Visual Expectation

Very good suggestion! It’s indeed important to recognize the work done in the FOSS (Free and open-source) world. We of course use more open-source software, which we may mention as well. We also do monthly donations to Discourse by the way.

The problem however is a clean layout. This line you suggested looks fine on a desktop, but on mobile it would go bad.

I’ll think of something, perhaps I’ll add these details in “about” or I’ll create an extra URL there that points to all the FOSS we use.

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Well I can’t argue with that. Just in case, in a hope of any use.
I’m putting here what it would look like on a phone. (Google Pixel XL 2 )

Note: CSS Opacity is set to 0.5 on a link tag. (For aesthetics)

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Done: This forum is powered by - Docs - TZM Forum

Which is added to the footer.

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I’d say, well done.
Well it does look better than nothing.
It can be tried to improve, but it is not necessary.

Optional contribution:

Suggestion: add Discourse Icon

Even if the link is not pointing directly to the Discourse.
In this case, adding an Icon would make some sense due to current design.

Discourse Icon source

CSS and HTML Personal Note
<img src="" style="
    height: 21px;
    margin: -1px;
    margin-right: -7px;
    margin-left: -2px;

The idea and mockups look great! But Discourse is quite limited in terms of this. It’s not a CMS, creating custom themes and plugins are possible. But I don’t want to move into that direction since it would require more time to maintain that. I want to stay as close as possible to the default Discourse setup for that reason, and extend with official plugins of course :slight_smile:

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