Religious Capture of Society

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Religion is not the most destructive force on the planet. But combined with far-right conservatism, it’s definitely a concern. I spoken to a professor which teaches Christianity (because it’s good to talk to some people you disagree with) about solving various social problems, using science and technology, and they said that solutions such as synthetic food or significant economical changes to reduce pollution are evil (because, for them, changing society for the better in any way is evil), and that leftists, centrists or anyone that is not conservative or advocates for change via practical solutions is with the devil.

This type of conservatism, if it were to be applied at a large scale, it would definitely be dangerous, as it would hinder progress so much that by the time we reached the presumed time of societal collapse in the BAU scenario, it would already be too late.

Basing on moral dichotomies, purely speculative information or the hate against non-believers will do more harm than good. I recommend that we should to be secular, considering multiple viewpoints when making a decision.