Replace Google Maps with OpenStreetMap

We use Google Maps for our global chapters map, but let’s improve that by using OpenStreetMap. Leaflet is something that may be used to create a custom overlay (there are probably other ways as well).

I won’t pick this up now. But in case someone from the @it-team thinks this is a nice project, then please feel free :slight_smile: If you want to work on this, then please let me know. Then I’ll assign you to it.

There is also a Leaflet Discourse plugin, but it’s not an official plugin. For stability/security reasons I want to stay away from those plugins.

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Curious… * darts off *

Revolution Now!,

This is a random Embed test

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Looks good! However, when I allow iframes to be set to, it still gives a connection refused error. The content security policy headers of don’t look that restrictive at first sight. Anyway, will need to explore this solution better as well. Will do that sometime later this year due to time management.

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Done! We’re now using uMap, which is one of the most popular custom layer maps for OSM (OpenStreetMap). I find it important that a project remains active for a long while. I’m not sure if the TROM cloud services fall under that. But we can always switch at a later date, exporting the data is possible and probably can be imported quite easily somewhere else. Open standards for the win! :slight_smile:

Below is the map:

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