Russia moves to annex parts of Ukraine

I talked to a woman from ukraine who said the governement of ¨kiev¨ bombed her house and her father died, she had to flee to russia to be safe.
Afterwards around 2021 ¨the russians¨ probably had the idea to go in like a bunch of bluehelmets or in a way they ¨liberated berlin in 1945. The krim is special, i felt in 2014 it was a beautiful example of democracy: there was a decision to vote; many people voted to join russia and some partied on the streets afterwards, happy they ¨left ukraine. if only ¨the west¨ would have recognized this, instead calling it an anexation. There is a long history : Crimean War - Wikipedia / German occupation of Crimea during World War II - Wikipedia & Transfer of Crimea in the Soviet Union - Wikipedia. It was offered by Gorbatchov as a peacesign in those days.
Many people in the ¨east¨ also feel more russian then ukrainian, there has been a cival war since 2014, ever since the old president Viktor Yushchenk left brussels with the promise of (monopoly) money.

  • Noam chomsky also has a few words about it

Are you actually defending the Russian agression and their imperialist pursuits? This has nothing to do with spreading Russian democracy. It even doesn’t exist in Russia itself.

well in a marriage there are always two ¨wrong¨, or right, i cannot defend nato´s ¨agression,¨ i do condone ¨russia¨ actions. When you take away people who profit from wars, they will stop. An old roman saying: devide and conquer; give the people bread and games. In russia women have pension at 63, that is something for women rights and democracy :slight_smile:
I cannot stand behind our ¨holy¨ war, at least in russia still people protest against it, here nobody seems to mind ?

Russia chose war, not NATO. And even if it’s the people’s choice is to move closer to the West (which it is), then that’s a choice Ukraine can make without being bullied by Russia. Which is what has been happening since the collapse of the Sovjet Union. Pro western political leaders were being poisoned for one, way before 2014. Please, check the Winter on Fire documentary as well.

You take something out of context and then praise Russia. Living standards are low over there. Democracy does not exist in Russia. Or fair rights for that matter, not for women, men, LGBQT+, or anyone. Independent media is basically gone there as well together with free speech. It’s funny you bring up protests, you do know that you can get 15 years prison time if you protest against the war? Even calling it a war is a crime. The Russian government is really not your friend, not even Russia’s friend. There are protests in the world against the war and against Russia.