Self-sustained eco village in St. Louis


Since 2009, our group has been building a self-sustained village in the city. Starting out at as artist co-op, we have now grown into a village of 3 houses and 2 gardens. Services offered:<3 housing, showers, kitchen access, wifi, hammocks, and community ❤ Every Friday we have food share at 2:30pm - Free to all and nothing needed- Food is Free! Clothing Closet by appt. Filled with men, women and children clothes and shoes. some household items and other donated goods *Community Garden and Healing Herb Garden filled with fruit, veggies and medicinal plants. Coming Soon - Community Bike Shed


We aim to provide a safe place for community members’ to sleep or live, whether it be travelers, those in crisis, activists needing housing to continue working in the movement, or a street musician needing a couch to crash on for a few weeks. We have an open door and open arms. We love everyone. Welcome Home

St. Louis Missouri location.


Thanks for sharing! I modified your post a bit so it works a bit better on the forum. It’s best to put all info in the initial post, you can edit the initial post and add more info. I also changed the title of the topic since it was possible to make it more specific and informative. And I added the us tag, so that people can find US specific Reports.

Do you identify yourself as an TZM activist by the way?

I felt the need to remove the section about donations, since we don’t really know who you are yet. If you are more active here then we could allow that. Otherwise it just feels like you’re here to advertise.

Well, I’m a supporter of the TZM movement by any means possible. I don’t know if that eco-village is BUT They give out free food. They have housing for $400 a month and they were being hit with fines that were less than $200 so… if we are gonna transition we need to help each other. I sent her $25. or maybe $20 I forget.