Single-use plastic production rose globally between 2019 and 2021

Without global planning of production and distribution, we are going nowhere.

The research:

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We live in insanity. I often get a plastic bag with small items. When I give it back because I say I’ll eat it right away or it fits in my bag/pocket they often (luckily not always) look at me surprised as if I’m weird :stuck_out_tongue: culture_in_decline

I hope we can find an alternative for plastic soon. PFAS is killing us slowly.

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Exactly the same thing happens to me. :man_facepalming:t3: It is in those seemingly insignificant situations that we see the need for cultural change.

In addition, of course, to a structural change that allows us to produce and consume in a more rational way. Without profit, attractive packaging would no longer be produced instead of the packaging strictly necessary to maintain product quality. Or even better, having more free time, people would consume less things in a hurry on the street, and could even take their containers with them.

And that, without thinking about technological solutions so that food arrives fresh to where we will consume it.

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