"Social Pathology" Lecture, by Peter Joseph

"The most dominant cultural attributes maintained are the ones that are reinforced by your environment. If you are born into a society which rewards competition over collaboration then you most likely will adopt those values in order to survive.

The point is, we are essentially bio-chemical machines. While the integrity of our machine-processing power and memory is contingent, in part, on genetics, the source of our actions come fundamentally from the ideas and experiences installed on our mental hardware by the world around us.

However, our biological computer, the human mind, has an evolutionarily-installed operating system with some seemingly difficult tendencies built in which tends to limit our objectivity and, hence, our rational thought process.

This comes in the form of emotional inclinations.

You know, I’m sure many people here have heard the phrase “Be objective!”

No human being can be fully objective.

That’s one of the important things I learned, actually, from Mr. Fresco.

Therefore, there’s a very common propensity for us humans to find something that works for our needs given the social structure, and then to hold on to it for dear life regardless of new conflicting information which might rationally expect a logical change to occur.

Change tends to be feared, for it upsets our associations. And, by the way, when it comes to maintaining income in the monetary system, you see this propensity in full force which I will talk about a lot more later.

Therefore, any time someone dares to present an idea outside of or contrary to the establishment programming, the reaction is often a condemning of the idea as blasphemy or undermining, or a conspiracy, or simply erroneous."

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