SoTecIn Factory: New solutions for Europe’s seven industrial value chains

Launched in June 2022, the Social and Technological Innovation (SoTecIn) Factory aims to bring systemic change to European industrial value chains by driving circularity outcomes in key sectors as defined by the EU Green Deal. The program aims to stimulate the creation of 30 “systemic” ventures over the course of three years, following an open innovation approach that connects entrepreneurs, industry, and society. These ventures will deploy typically underutilized higher R circular strategies to truly maximize the highest possible value of materials at each point in a product’s lifecycle, whilst using the latest technologies, innovative business models, and steward ownership structures to maximize societal impact.

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SoTecIn Factory focuses on transitioning the following seven industrial value chains, as defined by the EU Circular Economy Action Plan:

Electronics and ICT
Batteries and vehicles
Construction and buildings
Food, water, and nutrients

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