Spread the train of thought at schools/universities

I have been talking to alot of the younger generation around 19 years of age from different backgrounds and classes and it seems to me that they feel the same. They know something is wrong and all that is going on around with regards to influence and conditioning doesn’t sit right with them. They go along with it but don’t agree with it. They are wondering why they feel this way. They seem very open to the explanation of the monetary system and its affects. I feel that they are listening and seem to want to change things but don’t think anything can be done. I can only report from the uk but anyone else noticing that the train of thought is being welcomed by the youth?
I’m thinking of going to gatherings at universitys and places where I can conversate with this age group and see if I can get some momentum going.

There was this idea for the universities to take charge of affairs. You might try and ask the people around. I used to think about doing just that, although not being particularily social I havent jumped on the idea so far. I wouldn’t know where to start. Talking to people at large - any people be them university students or not - the biggest issue has always been that people din’t seem to be able to believe in change. Yet belief seems to be essential for the people to act. It doesn’t matter that something is “right”, or that it should be done if they don’t believe it’s goint to be successful. Everyone’s looking at each other, and since nothing is changing, then they believe change to be impossible. Vicious circle I haven’t been able to challenge. I wish you good luck though! @Kees here says that in Netherlands stuff is changing at administration level. So you can show them at least that as an example to start the discussion.

@Jay131278 you might like this video below.

However, James gave up on Zeitgeist in the meantime. I can’t speak on behalf of him, but he basically gave up on TZM/TVP because of the utopian outlook. I don’t want to say more about it, that’s up to him to say. But things that were said by TVP and repeated by TZM about e.g. the maglev trains and such were too good to be true according to him. Because of that he started to research the other statements and he found that it was a bit too much. I agree that the maglev was a bit too much hyped with I believe 3000 KM/h (not sure though). He also doubted the human behavior aspects if I recall correctly.

Anyway, just sharing the video, and maybe you want to continue his legacy :slight_smile:

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