The European Union, NATO, IMF, IPCC, WHO, WTO, G7 and G20

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NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization,
IMF = International Monetary Fund,
WHO = World Health Organization,
WTO = World Trade Organization,
IMF = International Monetary Fund,
IPCC = Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,
G7 = Group of Seven,
G20 = Group of Twenty,

I am a French citizen who wishes to inquire out of curiosity, for your site
What do you think of the European Union, NATO, WHO, WTO, IMF, IPCC, G7 and G20?

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Hi, welcome to the forum! Maybe you can start this conversation by sharing your thoughts first and relate them to the Zeitgeist train of thought? The topic could use some more context.

Long term - they are meaningless, none of them directly try to understand the root causes and actively resolve things in relation to structure and system. These organisations are merely a quick cheap response to a situation, considering viability and posibilities and the actions needed for the serious effects.

Just a quick though. I might be wrong, but I did take a second look to each of them.

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