The Global Junk Food Conspiracy

Hint: It’s not a conspiracy, looking from the systemic point of view.

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I haven’t been able to watch the documentary. But I think you’re on point here indeed. This is a systemic problem. Want to make money? Make tasty food, filled with salt, sugar, fat and other ingredients that trigger the pleasure areas of our brains. Then make it cheaply available and fast. Boom, you have a healthy business, but unhealthy people. Because most people go for what tastes nice and doesn’t take much time to prepare. Low cost also plays a role.

Recently I was at a train station and wanted some food. I could get a pizza slice for 3,50 euro, or a banana of 3 euro… Drinks were the same story, water bottle was around 2 euro and a cola was 3 euro. A quick fix would be to tax unhealthy food more and lower the price for simple healthy fast food.

Long term solution would be to create a society that values long term health above short term profits. For that we need a different economy :slight_smile: