The Grievance Studies Affair - REVEALED

Science is a great tool to advance knowledge. Publications are a great way to inform the scientific community about research. Journals are great to provide the repository of peer reviewed papers.

However, the economic game ruins this quite a bit. To get subsidies, you need to publish on a regular basis. This degrades quality. Also, there is basically no reward for peer reviewing, unless you’re a journal. But even then, journals want to have papers they can sell. So the fine line between quality and quantity is searched, as long as the reputation of the journal remains in balance.

All in all, this creates incentives to write and publish BS (bad science). We need to open-source knowledge and data and work as a collective/group mind to improve our understandings with the help of the method of science. If we can leave out the profit incentive, we may improve this process. Some may ask, what’s the point then? The reward is to contribute back to society. It’s not perfect, but it may work a lot better than we have now. Supported by public accessible research centers where people can advance their skills and contribute to science. See it as some kind of participatory democracy, without the politics.