The libertarian party of the United States of America

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What do you think of the Libertarian Party of the United States of America regarding their political ideas?
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We don’t get into politics, because TZM is an educational movement for the Resource Based Economy, and we usually prefer to solve problems non-politically.

The Libertarian Party of the United States of America promotes non-interventionism, laissez-faire capitalism, and limiting the size and scope of government, which are beneficial to the wealthy but have a lot of negative consequences for most people.

We are against infinite growth capitalism, which is a laissez-faire capitalism that prioritizes growth over anything else, such as welfare and sustainability.

I would nuance it a bit more. Of course the political climate is important. TZM wouldn’t be possible in China, Russia or similar political climates. So I personally would encourage political debates. The 2 party system in the US is as far as I know not very efficient. It creates an us against them mentality and passing legislation is often quite slow because people only support their own gang. Having a more diverse political climate in the US might break some stalemates.

In nl I am a member of the political party Volt, which has overlapping values with TZM.

Brexit, Trump and similar political shifts have not benefited world unity, search for scientific truths or moving closer to a sustainable economy. I haven’t looked up this libertarian political party. Can you maybe tell some more about it? How do you think it relates to TZM?

This is why we need a hung parliament, which are norm in the EU, with multiple independent or minority voices being heard:

The Libertarian Party of the United States of America does not relate to TZM. Its ideas have been proven to be harmful to the people and the environment.

I would vote for Volt if available at the elections (which often it is not, in my country), and if not available, the previous government (which is not very good but reduces the risk of having a new undesirable policy).

Political debates should be based on science. Science offers the best path forward, even if a lot of the best ideas seem biased toward centrism and progressism.

When I said “we don’t get into politics”, I meant that we don’t get into “traditional politics”, that is, politics which deals purely with opinion.

For sure, but I don’t think we should deny the discussion about political parties. Some are better than others, and having the right parties in power helps the transition. By discussing it, we may create better awareness. I don’t think we should shutdown discussions about political party X or Y. They can be insightful. Just like this one. Politics is still the means where decisions are made, so we shouldn’t ignore it. Of course a scientific way for arriving at decisions is better, but that’s not a leap we take in one day. Politics is part of that transition.

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The party that governs Argentina has the same ideology as the Libertarian Party of the USA, and in just 4 months it is leading the country to an unprecedented social and environmental crisis.

In a capitalist framework, a thriving society necessitates regulations safeguarding the populace from the unchecked dominance of economic power. Additionally, essential functions vital for societal well-being, which lack profitability, are fulfilled by the State, as private entities prioritize profit over such responsibilities.

Moreover, relying solely on profit-driven enterprises to prioritize environmental stewardship is imprudent, as their profit motives often conflict with environmental preservation.

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