The Pit: Transcend Money, Save the World


I just published a book talking about some of the downfalls of our global monetary system while also promoting the ideas behind Zeitgeist and a Resource-Based Economy. I’m wondering if anyone would be willing to read it here and provide a sentence or several of feedback that I could maybe use for my own improvement or to help encourage others to read it.

It’s called “The Pit: Transcend Money, Save the World,” and the link to a free version is here:

Much appreciated, and keep up the good work!


Wow, you wrote that? Skimmed it a bit, looks good. Can’t read it though, I have to prioritize other things unfortunately. But it looks cool! Please keep sharing things like this. Welcome to the forum by the way!

Thank you, Kees! Yes, spent the last 2.5 years on this darn thing hoping to reach an audience that is unlikely to read TZM Defined or The New Human Rights Movement. And no problem at all that you don’t have the time. Thanks for the comment!


I can’t say I have anything more important, with a straight face. I’ll pm you, though.