The relationship of anarchists towards government authorities (heads of state, governments, police)

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I wonder if anti-capitalist anarchists/libertarians have a problem regarding their relationship (disobeying a law, for example), towards government authorities (heads of state, governments, army, police, gendarmerie, local authority leaders, mayor) , whether it is royalty or a republic What do you think?

Maybe. But please note that we are not anarchists (we support the existence of governments) nor libertarian (in the economical sense, because if you ask whether we support civil rights over authority, then yes). We are for a Resource Based Economy.

What is a RBE

A Resource-Based Economy (RBE) is an economic model that prioritizes the effective and sustainable utilization of natural resources, leveraging technological advancements and scientific principles to cater to the necessities of every individual. The management of resources in an RBE adheres to rigorous scientific standards aimed at enhancing efficiency while reducing wastage. It incorporates sophisticated technologies like automation and artificial intelligence to streamline production and distribution channels.

It employs systems thinking to comprehend the intricate web of connections between various components of the economy and societal structures. By doing so, it facilitates the discovery of comprehensive remedies and averts unintended consequences. Furthermore, this model encourages the adoption of renewable and reusable resources alongside reduced energy and material usage.

Decision-making follows the scientific methodology, ensuring choices are predicated on empirical evidence instead of subjective or partisan inclinations. Consequently, judgements become more fact-driven to minimize any potential harm.

Replacing monetary transactions and market forces, a RBE implements a demand-driven allocation system. This mechanism guarantees equitable access to essential resources for leading a comfortable lifestyle. An international network of interlinked computers governs this process, accurately tracking, managing, and coordinating the generation and dissemination of commodities and services based on genuine requirements.

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