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I’ve been pondering on how to implement open source government using AI. Basically the rules of your system in a github/gitlab/git repo where everybody is able to see / fork / suggest changes / raise issues / etc. The rules of the system. AI in turn uses these rules.

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I’m not an AI professional, but I suppose the data which you use train the models also matter. If the data is very biased, then the AI decisions will be as well. It of course depends on which AI you’re building. If it’s one about managing a vertical farm, then the data input are sensors for temperature, moist, humidity and things like that. As long as the sensors are not faulty, the data is objective and true. But once you start processing a more diverse data pool, such as data about human activity, it may become more of a challenge to make “the right” choices for the AI model.

I suppose these are hot topics in the field of AI. Maybe there is already some related work about this.

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True, talking about vertical farming: how could we open source this?

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I’m currently working on a greenhouse in my backyard of about 2,5x6m which I plan to setup vertically using vermiponics (using worms: food scraps in, plant nutrients out). Ultimately regulating the greenhouse climate using RPi. And after that I could research and document using robotics and AI. That would be absolutely awesome :slight_smile: and totally up my alley!

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Maybe along these lines in the video below. Of course those vertical farms in your video are more industrial, that scale will be harder to achieve as a grassroots movement. But as a start these windowfarms can act as a stepping stone.

Yup, but all big things start small :slightly_smiling_face: . Personally I have bigger plans for my backyard. I’d love to have everything edible from the garden. From sweet potatoes to grapes, etc. I have a garden of about 10x14m, and could transform my front yard later as well. I’ve seen videos of people having yards where passerby’s could literally pick fruits from the fence. That would be so awesome. Also, I’d like to share my surplus. Maybe in a stall in front of the house.

I also downloaded a book today about herbal medicine. Would be nice to have alternatives to paracetamol.

A global computer system managing resources in a Resource Based Economy would be incredibly complex. We need to assign weights to every circular city on the planet based on a lot of factors, such as historical consumption patters, the amount of demand for resources, the distance between resources, the type resources being demanded, population stats, demographics, regional particularities and so on.

We would need a lot of computing power, a lot energy and a lot of CO2 released into the atmosphere as a result of cooling. So, to make computers efficient for this task, we need organoid intelligence, analog AI computing or something similar.