The sovereign citizens movement

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Have you heard of the sovereign citizens movement?
I suggest you type in your search engine “special envoy Thursday June 6, 2024 sovereign citizens France 2”, in order to construct your point of view, concerning this movement
What do you think of my proposal?
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For context, can you place the links in your topic. Note that you can edit your initial topic and add those links.

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When you say “For context, place the links in your topic. Note that you can edit your original topic and add these links.”
By what simple and effective method to achieve this by modifying the initial theme?

I mean, you now put people on a treasure hunt on the Internet to learn more about the context of your post. That’s not efficient, people might find sources that do not relate to your post. Please post the links in your initial topic by editing it. That way your topic is of good quality. Now it’s not. :wink:

You also don’t really seem to connect your topic with TZM. That would be nice though.

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Regarding the report on the French television channel France 2, with the movement of sovereign citizens on Thursday June 6, 2024
This is a couple of motorists who refused to obey a road check, in the North department, of the French state by offering you to watch the video, on your web search engine
What do you think of my suggestion?

I think we will ever understand each other :slight_smile: I don’t know why though.

Good morning
Regarding the sovereign citizens movement
April 1, 2024
a couple of motorists refused a road check by the police, across the North of France
the driver said “I’m not tensing”
These are people who refuse to pay their taxes, their bills, to have license plates, driving licenses, car insurance, claiming that France and nations around the world are private companies controlled by the globalized freemasonry
Were you aware?
I suggest you type in your search engine “Sovereign citizens special envoy France 2 Thursday June 6, 2024” while watching the video, in order to form your own opinion
regarding the origin of this organization
How do you judge my proposal?
Am I more specific regarding my explanations?
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Because we usually don’t deal with traditional welfare politics. We deal with the Resource-Based Economy and primarily focus on the environment and addressing structural violence.

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My confusion with @mick22 is mostly that when I ask him to change something to improve his post he doesn’t seem to understand what, why or how. But that’s okay, it’s in Lounge anyway.