The technosolutionnism

Good evening
I wonder if your zeitgeist movement claims to be technosolutionist
What do you think?

Well, if you mean by that:

Technosolutionism is the belief and broader ideology that every social, political and access problem has a solution based in development of new technology. See also techno-collectivism and post-state technocracy.

Then that term doesn’t fully cover it. Peter Joseph sometimes uses the term structuralist, for the type of thinking we have. We like to see ourselves as a movement that looks at society as a single organism. And thus our economy cannot and should not leave people behind and shouldn’t ruin/exploit the planet that keeps us alive. Anything less than that could be criticized. That’s why we at the moment advocate for a natural law/resource based economy. An economy that indeed puts science and technology at the forefront to solve problems at the root. But this can always change, based on new information. Because change is the only constant in the universe, and thus our mindset should also be emergent.

Not sure if that covers it. But you can also watch the video below for a more in-depth overview.

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