The third largest glacier in South America lost almost a square kilometer in 8 months

The renowned glaciologist Pedro Skvarca, current scientific director of Glaciarum de El Calafate, confirmed that the Upsala Glacier no longer has contact with the Bertacchi, and that its entire front was exposed. The information shows the significant retreat of one of the largest glaciers on the continent that in just eight months gave up 300 meters in its eastern sector and lost almost a square kilometer of surface.

“The European Space Agency took the images that we had access to, and that allowed us to fine-tune the data we had. There we were able to confirm that they are no longer united, now they are two independent glaciers”, certified the scientist.

“This is shocking because of the speed. In only eight months, that is, from January to September of this year, the Upsala retreated 300 meters in its eastern sector, and lost almost a square kilometer of surface and we don’t know how much more it will retreat,” he lamented.

This article is in Spanish, but nowadays any browser has translation options. It is difficult to find environmental news from Latin America in English, so I will begin to share some, with the translation of its most relevant fragments.

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