The Venus Project has deleted Jacque Fresco from their site

Yes, you didn't read that wrong.

My heart is heavy with disappointment, rage and disbelief.

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They have not deleted Jacque Fresco yet. See:

I mentioned that as well.

They still keep some store links, so they can sell his teachings for money, and there as some historical articles remaining.
I assume most of them will be deleted too, when will be finished.

But as a whole, The Venus Project has purged their mentions of RBE and JF.

Now I seen that The Venus Project restructured their entire main website so that there are not many references to RBE and its original vision. The reason for this is currently unknown.

Found “Global Resource Based Economy” here:

Found partial references to RBE and its original vision here:

TVP now backs up part of its vision from The Limits to Growth (1972) and aims for SW:

It’s important to note that TVP is a top-down[1] charitable organization, which means it’s not decentralized to support the stability of references to original values.

Update: After reading The Venus Project website again, I can conclude that TVP still advocates for the RBE they proposed in the past, but it’s new descriptions and references are less likely to be controversial or criticized. It’s an improvement, but it should be clear that they advocate for RBE by mentioning it at least in the homepage.

Similarly, any Zeitgeist documentary made beyond 2007 has changed references and descriptions so that it’s more factually accurate. However, they have preserved original meaning and made it clear what TZM advocates for.

  1. Hierarchical ↩︎

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What they say is that:

“Projects serving Global Stability will resemble or take inspiration from Fresco’s holistic design for the global population.”

So, in short, they are now basically “post-frescoist”, so to speak, using some elements of the philosophy, but no longer advocating for it.

After reading various resources (Including JFEN, TVP and TZM), I can conclude that TVP is not stable enough to sustain its original ideas due to its hierarchical structure, historical wrong decisions and the attempt to earn money via selling resources that should be free. It should be characterized as an “activist industrial complex”,

TZM, being decentralized, is stable, and relies on the values defined in 2008 that continue to be enforced. If any member becomes unavailable, the movement is not affected very much.

For an organization that advocates for significant social change, legal hierarchical incorporation is not appropriate.


I suppose the problem may be in part that people don’t get involved, so maybe it got “hijacked” by people with different ideas. TVP is not a religion of course, but indeed, the systemic thinking isn’t religious and should remain the central focus. I haven’t checked their websites though, but recent blogposts about fishing farms (or something like that) in Asia were surprising.

The same can happen (or maybe already happened) to TZM. People should be involved, mainly locally. We have become quite passive as well and don’t work on building chapters anymore. If I’m wrong, then please share your work/progress in Reports, Events and Projects :slight_smile:


Got original vision website from Wayback machine:

This is the snapshot on 31 December 2022.