The Venus Project's Board of Director's official response + TVP Russian-speaking group reply

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Hi @CyberHerald, I suppose you posted this blog on your website. Would you mind sharing where this official response was posted? Because I see a Google Docs document, which anyone can publish. Wouldn’t a statement on The Venus Project’s website make it more official? I’m just applying some healthy skepticism here :slight_smile: I hope you don’t mind this question.

The presented TVP statement is too vague to answer why the organization decided to change its direction.

But we do know that The Venus Project:

  • is a legal, charitable, hierarchical and centralized organization, which makes it vulnerable to instability because of problems such as power struggles, conflicts of interest, lack of transparency, legal constraints and inefficient bureaucracies.
  • removed lot of references to the original frescoist RBE have been removed from the website, which means that the original idea that the organization should have headed is mostly lost.
  • is in strict copyrights, which promotes the limitation of access to essential information.
  • had very little progress in the building of the center for resource management. This is problematic because of unfulfilled promises.
  • sells a lot of products in its store (106 items), which includes knowledge, at prices which are evaluated to be expensive. This is unusual for a genuine activist organization, whose purpose is to promote an idea or direction, not to make profits.
  • (list from: Why The Venus Project might be an activist industrial complex)

It is unlikely that former TVP allies had or will have bad motives. The criticism is simply a reaction to changes which are not acceptable by independent supporters.

However, answering the question of why the organization changed, from a classifiable internal organizational perspective, it is highly uncomfortable (which makes it easier to accuse someone of having bad motives than to respond in any meaningful way).

And what unconventional energy sources means?

The RBE Project Discord, which is a small discord server, also populated by the board of directors of TVP, as well as Yevhen Sliuzko, from the TVP Russian-speaking group.

The plan for it is to become the official The Venus Project Discord, once the transition is complete.