The world is awful. The world is much better. The world can be much better

With all the positive and negative trends in mind, we could be now in “peak humanity” in the West. High standard of living, advanced technology and abundance. But all of that can change in the next few decades due to climate change, biodiversity loss, resource depletion and environmental problems. Which may also trigger economic and social problems, even war. We have a first row seat to watch it all happen :slight_smile: And maybe things will even turn out for the better, who knows.

And I predict that a better economy will arrive very late, somewhere in the 2080’s. The current economy would collapse and the vacuum that has been created would be filled by activists, and then by the alternate economy (presumably a RBE) itself.

By this time, the MIT’s predicted year of societal collapse would have been exceeded and massive restoration projects must be initiated to restore nature to its former self.

I call this scenario “late better economy revolution scenario”. It’s however possible that change would occur much earlier or much later than expected. There is also a rare chance that a RBE will appear on some other planet instead of Earth or that it will never occur.

I admire your positivity. :slight_smile:

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Also, we need to consider the fact that the technical, social and economical specification for any kind of RBE is approximately more than 500 pages long. It’s a elaborate economy with highly complex holistic mechanisms, just to make sure that most, if not all people can satisfy all their needs present in the Maslow pyramid and at the same time have equitable treatment.

Therefore, significant ideological change may be required. We need to shift our focus from simple democracies that are incapable of offering the best results from a statistical point of view to economies based on science and global well-being.

But, I do not expect for humanity to continue the business-as-usual scenario forever.

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