The Zeitgeist Movement EXPOSED (satire)

An old video, but a classic one. As far as I’ve experienced we still deal with the label of ‘conspiracy movement’, and that’s understandable because of the first Zeitgeist movie, which is not part of the TZM legacy since the movement was initiated after the second movie. This distinction is not clear to most people, because of the shared name. But as we do on this forum, we don’t focus on conspiracies at all. We discuss the root causes of problems and possible solutions.

The short animation below gives a perfect response to the ‘critics’ and also provides information to give a more reasonable explanation to those arguments.

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Something that used to happen in those days was that conspiracy theorists would approach us, and seeing that TZM was not about what they were interested in, they would react by inventing conspiracies involving us. It is common for conspiracy theorists to believe that those who argue with them are part of the conspiracies.

I believe that all those misinterpretations and misinformation about The Zeitgeist Movement have shown the need for communication towards the public to be clear and for there to be consistency between members. To achieve this, a lot of internal communication is needed and reaching consensus. Otherwise, the efforts are diluted, since it can happen that two members give two opposite versions on basic issues.

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For sure! On many levels we as a movement and as a species fail at communication. Definitely something we should focus more on. Really can’t wait to start creating some content and hopefully develop some more interaction about these kind of subjects.