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We would like to give a special thanks to the open-source projects listed below which power this community! While we’re at the subject of power, this server runs 100% on renewables.

Project Description
Ansible IT infrastructure configuration management tool
BrowserStack Automated testing service for websites
Debian GNU/Linux Computer operating system
Discourse Forum software
Docker Software containerization platform
Dovecot Mail delivery agent
Ember.js A web application framework for JavaScript
Git Source code management system
Jitsi Video conferencing software
Leaflet A JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps
Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate provider
Matomo Google Analytics alternative that protects your data
Nginx Web server software
npm Package manager for the JavaScript programming language
OpenDKIM DKIM milter
OpenDMARC DMARC milter
OpenStreetMap Community maintained map service
Postfix Mail transfer agent
Postgres Database software
Redis In-memory data structure store often used as a database
Ruby on Rails A software structure framework for the Ruby programming language
SpamAssassin Anti-spam filter software
SPF Engine SPF milter
webpack Static module bundler for modern JavaScript applications

And many more! :nerd_face: