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We would like to give a special thanks to the #open-source projects listed below which power this community! While we’re at the subject of power, this server runs 100% on renewables.

Project Description
Discourse Forum software
Jitsi Video conferencing software
Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate provider
Postgres Database software
Nginx Web server software
Docker Software containerization platform
Debian GNU/Linux Computer operating system
Git Source code management system
Ansible IT infrastructure configuration management tool
Ruby on Rails A software structure framework for the Ruby programming language
Ember.js A web application framework for JavaScript
BrowserStack Automated testing service for websites
Redis In-memory data structure store often used as a database
OpenStreetMap Community maintained map service
Matomo Google Analytics alternative that protects your data
Leaflet A JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps
webpack Static module bundler for modern JavaScript applications
npm Package manager for the JavaScript programming language

And many more! :nerd_face: