Tim Cook explains why Apple refuses to adopt RCS: 'Buy your mom an iPhone'

Open-standards and open-source are not best friends with a market system where you want to dominate and have control. Open-standards would allow people to communicate with each other, without being locked into your business ecosystem. That’s probably why the messenger ecosystem is such a mess. What we need is something like Matrix, which is agnostic to a specific client. It’s an open-standard. Anyone who respects these standards can make use of the network. Thus, there are many different apps, for different operating systems, all able to message each other. Most, if not all of these messengers are also open-source. I hope this forum soon will have support for Matrix, so we can integrate our chat with the rest of the planet.

Open-standards are like how we use email. Anyone can have their own domain, server and client. As long as you respect the standard. So far self-hosting hasn’t been an issue for me. But things are also starting to get closed on that front for some.