Transform Our Libraries

This thread is for working on guiding libraries to offer all sorts of items other than books. Here we can discuss our progress and our difficulties.

In a world that transcends markets most of what we use we will keep somewhere like a library to be shared with others while we don’t use it. Many libraries have already started to do this so all we have to do is suggest it to them and describe the idea and a path forward. We have prepared all this for you so all you have to do is send it to them by:

  1. Search for the email of as many libraries as you can.
  2. You can use this prepared text to email them and present to them the idea. CryptPad

And that’s it! Super easy!

If you want to also go to the library in person and help them with the project or answer there questions about it all, then for sure you will succeed. If you are shy or far from the library, sending them this email might be all they need to get started on their own.


I asked my local library who started lending media devices if they have had many people asking them. They said two people came but didn’t find the device they wanted. I asked them if we can we can reach out their public to remind them about the service.

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Because the owner of this forum doesn’t support any activity outside of this forum we are moving our activity to the Reddit forum

Hi Mark, this forum inherently supports activity outside of the forum. Have a look at for example the groups and the external links promoted there. Also the global map which links to 3rd party links. The RSS feeds that are automatically published to this forum in e.g. Reports and #train-of-thought:blogs and many more.

Leaving a link here to this project for further updates is totally fine. I think you should spend some more time here on the forum to see how the culture is and how things are done here. You seem to have the wrong idea about “the owner”.

This forum is by the way a community effort. If you want to address changes, then please address them and we can have a talk about them. No need to schedule a voice/video meeting for that :wink:

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