TZM Chapter Romania website seems permanently unavailable

For a long time, when I connect to, I get a Timed Out response.

We can make a new website for Romanian-speaking activists, but I do not want to do it on the server where I have my programming projects.

And it’s not just me.

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That would be awesome, as mentioned in our brief chat, let me me or the @it-team know if you need any help! :tada: And maybe other members from @chapter_romania can help out as well.

I finished setting up a TZM chapter romania website. I do not have the time to maintain a blog, nor the resources for a separate domain name and server, so, I made it simple.

It’s listed like a project at Miculpionier - Other Projects.

Now, we need to evaluate the website based on criteria such as, but not limited to:

  • How well the Train of thought is described?
  • How accurate is the FAQ?
  • How well it describes the RBE and its solutions?
  • How simple it is to navigate the website?
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This is awesome! Looking really good. Also developed in a record time. Some chapters take a long time to setup a website. You’re an inspiration :+1: I’ve updated the RO chapter details, the map will fetch the RO group info every 12 hours or so. So the map will be updated automatically, probably tomorrow.

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