TZM life signs - anonymous open-source analytics of TZM popularity

In this thread we can share anonymous analytics of TZM activity. Data collection should be done in accordance to the GDPR! Also take into account that the do-not-track option in browsers is respected and browsers like Firefox are hard to impossible to track. So these stats only give an indication of popularity.

And in case you find these statistics discouraging, the stats of the websites, social-media and videos I post here are hosted, developed and maintained by me. So this is the impact made by one person. It should be motivating to know one person can make a difference and this person could also be you.

May 2023

Collected with Matomo. (Dutch TZM chapter website) (independent international TZM forum)

Seems like the forum is catching on, in the context of the indexed universe (search engines) :slight_smile: