TZM t-shirt/sweater designs

You already need to wear clothes, so there is no extra waste and these shirts last for a long time. A t-shirt/sweater is a great way to promote TZM, especially at Events. TZM NL printed these clothes at Spreadshirt, which offers environmentally friendly made clothes you can personalize with your own design. In the spirit of open-source, our designs are below. You can open and edit them in Inkscape, so you could replace that URL with your own website! :tada: The font we used is Industry Inc.

Note that different logos are used for science, technology, nature and sustainability. This is because these logos are more suitable for printing. The lines are thicker and connected, which makes the design last longer. I don’t recommend to start a webshop for your chapter. If people want these shirts, they can just order these themselves.

Also note the the TZM logo is supposed to be a design for the front and the science, technology, nature and sustainability are supposed to be on the back of the shirt.

Right click or long press on these SVG files below to download them to your device. You can edit them in e.g. Inkscape.