Universim - a game of finite resource management

Universim is a game that simulates the scientific evolution of an advanced specie. You (the player) represent “god” and your purpose is to help people advance. There is no money, and everywhere you go there are finite resources (infinite resources do not exist).

At some point of the game, you have to choose between ecoholism or industrial boom (the current capitalist system). Not everything will be ecological, but at least you can keep the planetary ecosystems alive.

It’s not a perfect RBE since there are people who carry resources on foot if you don’t have robots and ministers you assign to automatically place buildings. Also, it’s not realistic, but at least it’s impossible to grow to infinity.

Images from my game-play (Space Age):

In the modern era, there is an ad saying that wearing a mask “reduces air pollution”. It will appear shortly after the Middle Ages have finished:

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